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Rick's Place has years of industry knowledge and claims experience to help you. 

Individuals . Collectors . Insurance Companies . Arbitrators . Gun Shops . Moving & Transport Companies



We're Glad You Found Us !

SERVICES INCLUDE but are not limited to:

Fire . Smoke . Water . Flood . Hurricanes . Tornadoes . Warehouse Accident . Transit

​Repairs & Restorations . Damaged Ammunition Ballistic . Forensic Consulting

Loss Value Confirmation . Function Testing . Salvage Recommendations

Speed in getting your guns clean & dry, inside and out, is important. 

Contact us as soon as possible after the disaster so we can help prevent further damage.





Some insurance companies contact us direct, while others have you find a qualified gunsmith to help with the claim. Either way, Rick's Place is the company to help. If you don't have insurance coverage we can still help you. Just call us. We will work with you direct.


When you bring your damaged firearms to Rick's Place, you can be assured that we have the experience and knowledge that both you and your insurance company want to settle the claim in a professional, honest and timely manner.  You will receive accurate reports with fair assessment to the insured & the insurance provider.


We inspect the function and ultra-sonic clean each gun to make sure it can be returned to proper working condition and have good physical appearance. You and your insurance company will receive a detailed report about the level of damage that occurred, an estimate of repair cost, current replacement value, post repair value and cost effectiveness of necessary repairs vs. replacement. 


Appraisals and damage estimates can take several hours to confirm the correct value. You can't just look on the web, find your firearm model and say the replacement value listed there is correct. That's a start, but firearm values have a lot of variables. To determine a firearms before and after damage value, the first consideration is the overall functional and physical condition of the firearm before the damage. Was it in fair, good or excellent condition before the damage?How bad is the damage, can the firearm be returned to it's pre-damaged condition?  Will there be loss of resale value even after professional repairs? Insurance adjusters don't always know these answers so they depend on us.


As a professional firearm appraiser and claims inspector, Rick's Place may also consider sentimental or known historical value, the demand or popularity of each firearm model for possible resale value, quality of any previous repairs or modifications, the value of any custom changes, accessories or attachments that were installed and if damaged, the availability and cost of replacement parts. Original cases, boxes and manuals may or may not increase the value depending upon the brand and model.


Choose Rick's Place to handle your firearm damage claims in a timely & professional manner.




Rick Breshears . Professionally Trained Master Gunsmith . Firearms Appraiser . Ballistics & Forensic Consultant

25 yrs Insurance Claims & Firearm Appraisal Experience . 45 yrs Firearm Repair Experience

References Available . Will Travel Where Services Are Needed


Firearm Disasters​

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