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Meet Your Gunsmith​

My knowledge, respect and love of everything guns, hunting and shooting, has been a lifelong experience. I am a Patron Member of the NRA, support the second amendment and our right to own firearms.​ I received my professional GUNSMITH training at The Colorado School of Trades in Denver, Colorado and welcome the opportunity to earn your trust as your personal GUNSMITH using my 45+ years of firearm repair experience by offering a full range of GUNSMITH services that are far beyond the capabilities of most GUNSMITH shops.

Rick Breshears, Master Gunsmith
According to Wikipedia Encyclopedia, a GUNSMITH is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms.  Not that we are in the same social or economic status, but choosing your GUNSMITH is sort of like choosing your doctor or lawyer. You don't need them often but when you do, you want to choose someone you know has the knowledge to fix your problem no matter how large or how small and no matter what kind, brand or model of gun you have. 
 To pursue the entirety of this trade, a GUNSMITH must possess skills as a mechanic, a fabricator, a metalworker, an artisan, be knowledgeable in shop mathematics, ballistics and chemistry, plus be capable of working accurately and precisely. Although it's a fulfilling career, gunsmithing is not a high paying career.

GUMSMITHS who become self employed in small shops must obtain necessary business licenses, purchase lots of tools and equipment and possess skills as small business operators, work effectively with a wide variety of customers and remain abreast of and comply with federal, state and local laws, ordinances and requirements. Sometimes the paperwork takes as much time as the repairs. 


You may be able to clean or make minor repairs but for major repairs or extensive modifications to your shotgun, rifle, pistol or revolver, always call a GUNSMITH no matter where you live. Ask if they have the training and experience to repair your firearm properly the first time. A good GUNSMITH will save you time, money and headaches.
Although there is no official license or degree declaring them a MASTER GUNSMITH, they are the senior, qualified GUNSMITHS with many years, or decades, of hands-on experience with well rounded skills. They also have a deep and intimate understanding of firearms mechanics. They love their jobs and are a wealth of information. They don't just declare themselves as masters, in fact most do not refer to themselves as masters and are very humble about accepting the title. The name usually comes from a customer referring to them as a MASTER GUNSMITH as a manner of respect because of the time, cost, effort and dedication it takes to master their many skills. With time the title just fits.


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