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Do you have a shotgun with a stuck choke 
tube that is so stubborn it refuses to release?

Remove it with my 

Bad @$$

Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool
'The Tool with the Get.It.Done Attitude'

A few years ago, while attempting to remove a stuck choke tube from one of my customer's shotguns, I used three different choke tube removal tools that I had purchased and used over the years. This particular tube was so stuck that one of the tools broke in half and the other two would not budge the stuck tube. 
Out of sheer frustration, I finally designed my own removal tool.
It removed the stuck tube and worked so great that I am making 
it available to you.
As with all removal tools, if the tube you are attempting to remove has been frozen to the barrel for a long period of time, our tool may damage the tube during removal. This is a chance we take to save a barrel.
Of the hundreds of stuck tube I have removed with this tool there is always one or two that are just impossible to budge.

I have one in mind that was just to far gone to help. After several tries with the Bad@$$ I finally returned the barrel to it's manufacturer to see if they could remove it. They could not remove it either because it was totally fused to the barrel.  This may happen from time to time. The two metals had become one.  

The manufacturer returned the barrel to me, I cut it off to remove the stuck tubes, when added a custom made muzzle brake after re-bluing it. My customer was glad to have his favorite gun back.

I figure a 99 % success ratio still makes it one great stuck choke tube remover!

Discover that this is the best
Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool 
available. Anywhere.

Bad@$$ is available in 410, 28, 20, 16, 12 & 410 gauge

Each Set fits Full, Modified & Improved Cylinders
$ 69.95 
includes free shipping & handling in the U.S.A. *

Available in 410, 28, 20, 16, 12 and 10 gauge
Easy To Use  .  Affordable

Bad @$$ is Cheaper than the Rest & Still the Best



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Bad@$$ Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool
Lifetime Replacement Warranty
Price: $69.95
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* International Shipping 
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Bad@$$ tools are being used across the USA  
and locations across the globe including: 
Australia, Canada, Cyprus, England, France, Greece 
Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Scotland, United Kingdom


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*Lifetime Replacement Warranty

The Bad@$$ Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool’s intended use is for stuck choke tube removal.
If it breaks during normal, proper use, Rick’s Place will replace it without charge. 
It is important that you read and follow the instructions included with the tool before using it. 
Improper use of this tool or use for other than intended will void its warranty. 
The maximum liability of this warranty is replacement of the broken tool.  
Warranty has no monetary value. No other warranty is expressed or implied. No refunds. 
Rick’s Place, its owners and their heirs are not responsible or liable, directly, indirectly, incidentally or consequentially for any injury to persons or damage to property caused to, from, or by the Bad@$$ 
Choke Tube Removal Tool including but not limited to: damage to the barrel, damage to the choke tube,
 damage to other parts of the firearm, damage to surrounding tools and equipment; injury to persons 
using the tool or in the vicinity of the work being performed during proper or improper use.
Call 501-658-7347 or email rick@ricksplace.biz for a return authorization. 
Include your name, address and date of purchase. Warranty does not cover cost of shipping. 
Ship broken tool, plus $ 7.00 for return shipping, to Rick’s Place, 34 Helen Drive, Lonoke, AR 72086, USA International shipping, add $35.00

Customer Comments

I recently ordered your bad@$$ 12 gauge tool. I was skeptical that I would be able to remove a choke that has been in my duck gun for over 7 years hunting saltwater. I tried everything to get the choke out. I soaked it in kroil for 3 days, I heated it soaked it again, I ended up breaking 3 different choke removal tools. Then I saw your product. I will admit that I was a little put off on the price. I figured that it wouldn’t have worked just like everything else I tried. I was wrong and I’m glad I was! Thank you for producing a high quality product that actually works! Thank you. Nicholas, Sitka, AK 10/2018
Just got your Bad@$$ choke tool. It was a tough go at first but your tool put the woop@$$ on it and it came out!!!!! It was a Browning invector plus choke. Replacement barrels are $450.00+  Thanks a million for your tool. Jeff, Milledgeville, GA 08/2018

Hi Rick, I purchased your stuck choke removal tool several weeks ago and successfully used it this past weekend to remove a tube from my Winchester SX3 (photos attached).  It had been stuck for 3 or 4 years and have tried several other tools without success.  Yours worked great!  I soaked in in Kroil penetrating oil for about a week and made a 2x4 vise pad/block.  I used a 22” long breaker bar and socket with your tool and it came right out. Ed, Mandeville, LA 04/2018

Fantastic Tool. This is the third tool I have purchased. Highly recommend. Thank you for the easy transaction. Mike, Fin and Feather Gunsmithing, Ridgefield, WA  11/2017

Rick, I called you on Monday night with a choke tube problem, and an anxious customer. Sorry about the late night call. However, You and Your Wife are amazing. You got the tool shipped out FAST! The Bad@$$ Choke Tube removal tool got here in 3 days! The offending choke was out 10 minutes later. Turns out, the customer has cross threaded it in! Zero damage to the barrel, choke tube out, customer happy! Thank you for making a quality product, and Thank You for making my job a little easier!  Keep Shooting! 
Mike, Fin and Feather Gunsmithing, Ridgefield, WA 10/2017

Hi there...I'm a gun smith here in Canada and just want you to know I've used your choke removal tool. It worked great. I've used it twice and already paid for itself. I personally used it with an impact driver, works slick. I then use a punch to free the tool from the old choke. Thanks for a tool that works.....Howard, Nova Scotia, 10/2017

Got your tool this morning. Read instructions and 5 minutes later it was a done deal. Old choke was messed up and well rusted. Richard, Wichita, KS  01/2017

Rick, Thank you so much for this tool.  I removed  choke tub out of a 870 Special Field after trying everything with no luck your tool worked.  If this didn't work the gun would of been worthless as replacement barrels for a 870 Special Field with chokes are almost impossible to find. Thanks, Ken, Lino Lakes, MN  12/2016

Rick, just a quick note on the use of your tool, the bad a$$ choke tool. We had a tube stuck in a mag 20 Auto 5 barrel, tried all the usual trick, heat, cold, penetrating oil, tapping etc but no go BUT 15 minutes ago the tool showed up in the mail, tapped one of them in and took a long handle ratchet and in two minutes it's out and it looks like the tube is salvageable WOW WOW. I admit that I balked at the price tag but never again as the next time we get a bad stuck tube, if it's not a 20, my order will be coming.
Thanks again, Doug, Spokane, WA 09/2016

The Bad Ass choke removal tool is a fantastic piece.  It arrived by post...
I read the instructions enclosed with the tool...applied the tool to the seized choke as directed...with gentle turning pressure, as if by magic, 
out the choke came.  I'm one happy camper, thank you so much.
Dermot, Newtown Manor, Ireland  01/2016

Hi Rick. I received your stuck choke kit for my 12 gauge. I put it to work  straight away. Within two minutes I had the choke out of the barrel they are a great tool. I will certainly be recommending them to all the guys I shoot with. Fergal, Offaly, Ireland  12/2015

My sons Browning A5 had a patternmaster extended duck choke stuck in the barrel. I tried everything patternmaster told me to do and was about to ship the barrel to them when I ran across your site and the 'Bad Ass Choke Removal Tool"! That sucker lives up to its name! 5 minutes after opening the box I had the choke out and no damage to the choke or gun! Thank you for offering this awesome tool! Very happy customer! 
James, Nederland, TX   12/2015

Just received my Bad Ass tool from you, thanks for the fast shipping. Tool worked VERY well, thanks for a great product.
Roger, Revelation Arms, Aloha, OR   12/2015

Hey Rick this is Mark from Louisiana, I just got your choke remover today and was able in about 5-10 minutes get a choke out of my 12 gauge that's been stuck for 4-5 years or longer!!! I was told the only way to get it out was to get a new barrel or apply heat and ruin the camo job on my gun!! Thanks for making your product man, badass is the perfect name for it.
Mark, Lake Charles, LA    11/2015

These are the shit!!!!!  Man when nothing else works these do the job.  It scwallered all the way out making me think that I was pulling the threads out of the barrel, but that didn’t happen.  I am a small time gunsmith working out of my basement so I’m no big box store or anything like that. I try to save my customers money, by fixing something rather then replacing it.  These work great!!!  I will be ordering more sets of these later on, I know for sure that I want a 20 gauge set and a 28 gauge set, so when the funding is there I will place an order. Your shipping was also fast compared to a lot of others, I appreciate your help with this product. Dan, WD Sporting Arms, Madrid, IA  

What an awesome tool. My choke tube was so rusted nothing could move it but your bad ass stuck tube removed it with hardly any effort. Would recommend to every one.    Cheers, John, Tasmania, Australia

Probably my best buy of the year!  Package was here when I got home from work.  Ten minutes later, the choke tube was out.  It took ten minutes because I had to find a rubber mallet after reading the instructions. Simple and effective, far better than the soaking in penetrating oil for days and hot/cold barrel/tube approaches.  I was expecting one tool, not three, but this is going into my cleaning kit for the day my brother get a stuck tube, too. Thanks! Skip, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Rick - Simply put, it works. A customer who brought in an old Stoeger barrel told me about your extractor. I thought I already had all of them. The muzzle was bunged up (from the kid, of course). After soaking it in Kroil for a week, and stepping up through my existing collection of progressively stronger extractors the choke stayed put. Right up to the giant easy-out with Brownell's stamped on it. So I figured for 70 bucks it's worth a try. I didn't expect a kit of 3. That was a big plus. Tapped it in and the choke groaned with every turn of the 15 inch crescent wrench. But the choke came out, and other than a couple a scuffs on the camo, the barrel is unharmed. Thanks! L. Jonsson, Clark County Gunsmithing, Vancouver, WA  

Three minutes after getting it of box, no more stuck choke.  Best tool ever.  Matt, Le Center, KY

I ordered your BadAss removal tool because I bought a Remington Special Field in immaculate condition, but didn't know the choke was seized up.  I'm a welder-pipefitter and tried all our "tricks" to get it out without damaging the barrel. No luck. Your tool twisted it out with almost no effort and no damage.  I'm highly impressed! Thanks for the solution to my problem! Jason, Walhalla, SC

Rick, your 12ga Bad Ass came today and off to the gun room I went - some background for purchasing it: My favorite duck gun used on the marshes of NJ, a parkerized vintage 1955 Ithaca 37, was among all my long arms stored in the safes – muzzle down.  Super Storm Sandy dumped 3 feet of salt water in the gun room and into the safes.  I cleaned the long arms as best I could and 24 are at the gunsmith now for a deep cleaning and needed repairs with more to go. Happy the Ithaca was in the next batch of long arms that will be going to the gunsmith. When I was cleaning the Ithaca, fitted with the Briley long tubes, the one in the gun would not budge using the Briley T-Wrench.  Even the 4 wrench prongs stripped rendering it useless.  Onto the Internet looking for ‘How to remove frozen choke tubes” and Rick’s Place came up with  “Stuck Choke Tube Tool” in the search – So I ordered the 12 ga Bad Ass. Put the Ithaca in the padded vice today – inserted the full choke plug – tapped it in and twisted it with a box end wrench and the frozen tube spun like cutting through butter with a hot knife.  When I removed the tube it was coated with rust from the salt water. Thanks for inventing a great tool! A Merry & Blessed Christmas with a Healthy & Safe New Year, My Sincere Regards, John, Lavallette, NJ

Hey Rick I talked to you earlier on the phone. I was having trouble removing the choke out of a Browning Gold Hunter that was submerged. The problem was operator error.  I just wanted to say thanks for your help on the phone and for the great product ! The choke tube was removed with no damage to the barrel.   
Thanks again ! Adam, Picayune, MS

Thanks for making a great tool. The choke is removed, your tool  works.  
Carl, Watkinsville, GA

For 6 years, I have tried every method imaginable to remove the two choke tubes out of my Winchester o/u. My brother took it upstate NY to a bird hunting trip on an island. He apparently didn't bother to inform me that the barrel was submerged and not cleaned. Carbon and rust packed the threads. I soaked the barrel in KROIL for a month, sprayed, boiled, heated, tapped with a mallet, broke tools, destroyed quarters and choke tubes, nothing worked....until this past Sunday... yesterday I tapped around the barrel with my mallet followed your directions. The most gosh awful sound I've ever heard came out of the first barrel along with the choke tube, the second never made a sound!!  Wished I had found these sooner!  They worked as advertised and are highly recommended. Thank you, Walt, Sylacauga, AL

Rick, just received the tool today !  The best I can say is “Awesome”  !!!I broke my $150 Brownell's tool , which prompted me to look on the net for a better solution & your tool is definitely better than described. Thank you for an excellent product !!    
Jeff, Valley Gunsmithing Inc, Ontario, Canada 

Rick, your choke removal tool worked great. Probably took two minutes after struggling with those stuck chokes for hours. Thank you!!!! Steve, East Edgewood, WA 

Hey Rick, thanks for the advice - I got an 11
-87 goose gun the other day, prob had about 8 cases of 3" 2's run through it. Choke tube was not marked, and had been in there for years-so after breaking a few choke tubes, I called you Thursday am tool showed up yesterday - ( got here quick), and that choke was out in 10 min. Would have been faster, but I had to go slow because the barrel was heating up. You named this tool correctly, it is bad ass! It saved me $300.  
Thanks, Joe, Port Lavaca, TX 

The tool arrived yesterday and once I figured out the tool took a 13/16 socket it worked a dream and this was despite the choke being soaked in penetrating oil for two weeks with intermittent application of heat gun and considerable bad language. I notice that despite the threads of the choke being wet with penetrating oil it still had not budged until your tool was applied. The choke tube was retrieved undamaged so another plus.  
Regards and thanks. John, County Tipperary, Ireland 
Choke removal tool worked great. Thank you!  
Martin, Precision Gunsmiths, Valley Cottage NY 

Rick, This tool was great, had two gunsmiths that soaked the stuck tube for a couple weeks then were afraid to try anything because it didn't loosen and said would probably just need to buy a new barrel. (try finding a Benelli Nova barrel, might as well buy the gun) Anyway, within 15 minutes the stuck tube was out and everything is fine again! Great Product!  
Ken in Charleston Mo 

I tried everything to get it out and had no success, but with the BadAss tool it came out with no real problem. Thanks a lot. I am pleased.  
Luke, Maryville IL 

Rick, Here's my review of your tool. Thanks! Your BadAss Stuck Choke Tube Removal Tool is simply fantastic. So glad you decided to sell your creation. I used it on an old Auto 5 duck gun that spent a week at the bottom of the saltwater river and then uncleaned in an old-timers basement for over a year. After acquiring and disassembling the gun, the only thing I couldn't "unstick" was the choke tube. I tried a few previously successful homemade tools but they all failed. Your tool was the last resort, and performed with flying colors. It required some "gentle persuasion" in the form of an impact wrench but the coke tube came right out with absolutely no damage to the barrel or threads. Thanks again! PS If someone is reading this review while deciding whether or not to buy the tool, quit wasting your time and just buy it! It's the only tool you will ever need to get a stuck choke out of a gun! 
Luke, Long Island NY
Rick, I received my 20 ga BadAss tool this afternoon and within 5 minutes after opening the package I had the stuck choke removed.  You have a great tool design. Bobby, Tyler Gunsmith Shop, Tyler TX 

Just got a set of bad ass choke stuck tools. 
Worked like a champ...A+.William in Kentucky 

Rick, this tool is truly bad ass. It's paid for itself at least twice already. But the original barrel we got it for still proved to be impossible, we started to twist the barrel and eventually had to cut it off and install new chokes, after cutting it we really went after the tube and its still in there. Guess it goes to show that some customers are tougher then the guns they own. Thanks again and if you ever need a testament to your tool feel free to use us! Chris at Keeler Gunsmithing, Becker, MN 

Thanks for sending the bad ass tool. I have tried all kinds of choke removers but had no success. Your tool arrived via UPS today and 5 minutes later the troublesome and corroded choke was out! Thanks a bunch.   
It worked great. Dave, Lander, WY