Rick's       Place - Professional Gunsmith Services

These photos are of one of the many
stocks we have refinished over the years
and serve as an good example of changing 
an ugly gun into a beautiful gun.

We can transform your ugly gun into a gun 
that will make you proud to own.

This is an older, inexpensive bolt action shotgun that had several layers of spray paint on it, including the metal.  It was in very poor condition.  Notice that a name had been written on the stock with a permanent black marker. The ink had soaked into the wood and was very difficult to remove. Even though repairs were more than it's monetary value, it needed to be rescued from years of abuse and our customer wanted it refinished because of it's sentimental value to his family. We stripped and sanded the entire stock, applied an old style, hand rubbed oil finish, polished and re-blued all the metal in a matte finish to hide some of the deep rust pits that could not be removed and installed a new recoil pad. He was very pleased with the finished product.  He now has a family heirloom that he can be proud to use and hand down to his own children.

Stock before
Stock before
Stock before with name written with black marker
Stock before
Stock before
Stock restored, ready for customer to pick upRestored stockRestored stockRestored stock