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Mr. Rick
I received this model 12 back yesterday. I have to say ”I am very pleased". I was worried about roll marks be polished out and square edges being rounded off. I see none of that. The roll marks look factory stamped and even the deeper scratches on the left side of the receiver are polished out and and look square. The pin prick rust pits that were on the barrel are gone and the bluing is very deep and flawless. It looks just like the factory blue on my other Winchester model 12’s. I could have sent it to one of the big name companies that do this and couldn’t have got any better job. I am very pleased. Thank you, Gary, Stamps AR   01-29-19

Hi Rick. My firearms arrived safely by UPS and I retrieved them from the shop yesterday. You performed a magnificent job on the M-31 kit and the Enfield 1856 carbine stock refurbishing.  I know a little about firearms and their upkeep --- your work on the M-31 is exceptional you are truly a master gunsmith.  I look forward to keeping your future busy as I plan more projects and attempt to resurrect some old work horses and have restorations done on several oldies ---
My Best, Greg, Tallassee, AL

Rick. I just received the gun package from UPS. Everything was perfect! You do great work. Hope to send you more work soon. I am retired 30 yr. Kansas City Mo. police officer. Also USMC from 1962-67. If you would like to use me for any references please do. Again, thanks for a great job.
Stephen, Blackwater MO 
Just a note to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my old friend. You went the whole 9 yards and I really appreciate it. My sweet wife gave me that gun 42 years ago and now it looks brand new and is ready for a few more years with me and then a whole bunch of years with one of my sons. Thanks again.
Pete, Little Rock AR
My first experience with your shop was when Mr. Rick threaded an SKS barrel for me. I was more than satisfied with the work. My father is a retired machine shop foreman. His opinion of the work was "work was done with quality, from an experienced machinist". I have recommended Mr. Rick to everybody who has asked me about a gunsmithing job. But enough of the praise, I have recently began hunting deer again, after 10 ten years. I have an attachment to the 30-06 round and I'm wanting the most accurate 30-06 deer rifle I can get. My first idea was to start with a Savage 116, with the floating bolt head, and put a Shilen stainless heavy barrel with a twist rate of 1-12 on it. Also, to have a professional, like yourself, to put on the barrel and to match it to a stock for accuracy. I guess my question is, what is your opinion on getting a most accurate 30-06 within the budget of above said rifle? Thanks. Darren, Crossett AR